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Gynecomastia surgery is becoming more commonplace as men take charge of their confidence and take the necessary step to get rid of man boobs.

As surgery is currently the only effective treatment for gynecomastia, men need to weigh the risks of surgery with their potential benefits and decide whether to move forward.

One major concern potential patients have about gynecomastia surgery is the potential for scarring. Are scars hidden following the operation? Or are they noticeable?

The Surgery

Male breast reduction surgery is usually performed by first performing liposuction on the chest. We use a gentle, minimally invasive laser liposuction technique. Following this, excess male breast gland tissue is carefully excised to leave a smoother, flatter, and more masculine chest.

Most of the time, in our surgical suites, local anesthesia will be used rather than general anesthesia.

Incisions and Scarring Potential

If you are worried about scarring from gynecomastia surgery, there is good news: The risk for scarring is very minimal. Laser liposuction, a common method for the fatty tissue removal part of the surgery, is very gentle and requires only a tiny incision to gently melt the fat with a laser, then suction it out.

If breast gland tissue needs to be removed, it is done through small incisions along the border of the areola (the area around the nipple). With such small incisions, surgical scars are rarely noticeable.


Although complications are rare with male breast reduction surgery, they can occur. You should discuss all risks with your surgeon before the procedure, and keep an eye out for problems such as bleeding, hematoma, infections, numbness, poor results, discoloration, and abnormal fluid discharge. Following your surgeon’s instructions and taking care of yourself before and after surgery will help minimize the risks for complications.

Learn More From the Experts

If you’re interested in male breast reduction surgery, you should speak to a specialist about the procedure, your candidacy, cost, risks, and other considerations. Though gynecomastia is a common problem, there are few cosmetic or plastic surgeons that actually specialize in this condition.

Fortunately, our New York team are gynecomastia experts who have performed male breast reduction hundreds of times with great results. Call our Long Island or NYC centers today to schedule your free consultation!