In our gynecomastia NYC & Long Island practices, we see a wide variety of cases.  In some cases, the breast is enlarged and misshapen, like a tube.  When a man has tuberous breasts, he may experience enlarged, puffy areola, a greater amount of space in between the breasts, the appearance of sagging, and breasts that are narrow at the chest.  As with any form of gynecomastia, tuberous breasts are cause for great distress in patients.

A Problem for Both Genders

Even women can have tuberous breasts, but the method of dealing with the condition is far different.  Men cannot simply receive breast implants as women do. The male with tuberous breasts can visit our gynecomastia Manhattan or Long Island facility to discover the permanent solution to these oddly shaped man boobs.

What Causes Tuberous Breasts?

Tuberous breasts may be known by several names aside from moobs or man boobs.  Also called tubular breasts in the medical community, there is no known cause of this condition for either gender.  All that has been discovered in patients with the condition is that the base of the breast seems to be somewhat constricted.  Regardless of cause, however, treatment can address and correct the concern and allow the male patient to regain confidence lost through his appearance.

What Does a Tuberous Breast Look Like?

Gynecomastia NYC and Long Island surgeon addresses tuberous breasts in gynecomastia patients.

When a woman has tuberous breasts, the appearance may be more like a misshapen saggy breast. For the male patient, however, the appearance of tuberous breasts may be more like severe puffiness at the areola of each breast.  Beyond that, there may be a bit of puffiness spread out from the center of the breast, causing nipples to expand and protrude even more.

Correction through Gynecomastia Surgery

We address tuberous breasts with specialized skill and precision. Through tiny incisions, the excess breast gland is removed, and liposuction is administered when necessary.  Through liposuction, excess fat is also removed and the breast is able to heal to a more normal contour in time.

Following treatment, most patients notice that the appearance of their nipples and areolas also shrink to a more average size.

Gynecomastia surgery is a permanent life changing solution to a confidence-stealing condition.  We have treated hundreds of cases in men of varying ages.  As such, the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team has the precise skill and experience that one should look for in choosing the best cosmetic surgeon to address this concern.

Contact us either in New York City or Long Island to restore your confidence through gynecomastia surgery.