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The last thing a guy wants to deal with after getting rid of “man boobs” with surgery is more problems in the chest area.

However, surgery always carries some risk, and though male breast reduction surgery is the only way to solve the issue of gynecomastia, the results are not always as ideal as might be desired.

Sometimes, due to one of a number of factors, gynecomastia surgery can result in an undesirable aesthetic complication known as a “crater deformity”. But what is a crater deformity, and can it be fixed?


Crater Deformity

The crater deformity occurs when too much tissue has been removed from around the nipple area. Instead of a smooth, firm appearance, the nipples appear sunken, like a crater, and often fold in on themselves.

The severity of this problem can vary, but crater deformities are typically quite noticeable and will not resolve itself over time. This issue is typically caused by poor surgical technique.

Revision Surgery for Crater Deformity Repair

The only way to fix crater deformities is with a second surgery, known as a revision procedure. Revision surgery is always more difficult and complex than primary surgery, since scar tissue is present and healing can be more unpredictable.

There are a couple of techniques for fixing nipple depressions with revision surgery, which may include flap manipulation or fat transfer to the area. Recovery time from the second surgery is typically similar the first surgery, involving the same activity restrictions and post-op care requirements.

Patients must usually wait until healing from the first surgery is completed before seeking a second surgery.

Choosing a Revision Surgeon

Unfortunately, if you had a poor result and suffered a crater deformity, going back to your previous surgeon is probably not your best bet. It is in your best interest to seek an expert who has experience in fixing crater deformities and is well versed in helping men get the chest contour they’re looking for.

If you need a skilled cosmetic or plastic surgeon in New York or Long Island, our gynecomastia specialists have helped many men get great results from primary and revision surgery. For more information call us in Commack, Long Island or Manhattan, NYC today to schedule your free consultation.