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In what can only be described as “typically unfortunate” stories of men with gynecomastia, or man boobs (a.k.a. “moobs”), I found a few articles in Cosmopolitan magazine online that perfectly describe the feelings that our own patients experience every day until surgery.

Patient 1: The Bullied Teen

Charlie Edgeworth is a teen that had been dealing with moobs since the age of 13. Dubbed “Mooby” by the school bullies, Charlie felt tortured by his size B-cup breasts.

Many people misunderstand the reason why male breasts overdevelop. The cause is due to a hormonal imbalance. Males generally see this happen during puberty. Most of the time, it goes away on its own within two years.

Occasionally, the breasts do not go away and need to be removed with surgery by a cosmetic surgeon. In Charlie’s case, he received surgery at the age of 19 because everything he tried had failed to resolve the problem.

Here is how he tried to handle the situation before surgery:

1. He lost weight, but his breasts remained the same size.
2. He wore baggy clothing to camouflage his breasts.
3. He never went topless in public.

In order to afford surgery, he sold his car. He said he finally feels like he can start dating and that his “life can begin now.”

Patient 2: The Redditor

In a second Cosmopolitan online article dated January 12, 2015, a redditor named “thewumbles” was featured after doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) about his male breast reduction surgery. The response was overwhelmingly supportive.

He described having “moobs” since childhood and not being able to do anything about their size. Nothing helped and he was teased relentlessly in school.

How he was before surgery:
1. Obsessed with hiding his breasts in clothing.
2. Felt he needed to hunch to hide his breasts.
3. Wore black to downplay his feminine-looking chest.
4. Couldn’t take his shirt off or keep the lights on during sex.
5. Hated his own reflection in the mirror.
After surgery, “thewumbles” says that his $7,000 gynecomastia surgery was worth it, though he still notices slight unevenness between his two breasts.

He also says that he’s “a lot happier and more confident” and is very glad he made the decision to have surgery.

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